Some time to ponder on….

“What is this life if full of care time 2 copy

            we have no time to

                          stand and stare”

On these profound lines by the poet William Davies I ask you how many days ,weeks ,months or probably years have passed since you have literally stopped and gazed into the the other side of life …the side which does not involve your work or the people around you ..that side which I consider is God’s greatest recreational gift to man that is – Nature in all her colourful splendour and glory ! how often have you paused to smell that lovely rose blooming or how long has it been since you last stood gazing at the vast sea closed your eyes and hear the waves talk to you as the breeze played with your hair or simply tell me about the green of that potted plant on your window sill ,how lush is it ,its hue and shade  and the list can go on & on…. but the point  I am driving here is to spend some time ,a few minutes meditating , focusing or just enjoying the magnificence of nature around you , feel its rhythm ,slowly ,gradually dwell on it observe and bask in her aura!..and  you may ask what’s in it for me ?

To that I have no answer ,it is up to you to find it out for yourself for many a great men have found something ,some have found peace,inner calm (quite priceless though!),joy, happiness,meaning to their lives,answers to their problems,some became poets,philosophers,writers etc etc …as for me ,well I feel refreshed just being near the sea it gives you a sense of tranquility and makes one forget the hassles of the day 🙂 so I don’t know what is in it for you but there is something …..that I am sure of !

                                                        So why don’t you just log off

                                                  & observe, feel or explore the nature

                                                                  around you Right


Let in the Peace

how long ????? just how long are you going to keep on thinking of them who did not understand you ? don’t you know that if you carry their bitter memories with you they would be reflected outside ….that is on the way you look , speak and interact with other people ….give your time to grieve  let it out but please for heaven’s sake do Not carry forward for it would never affect them ..only you make… peace with your past ….gentle oh so very gently like a paper boat let your cares flow down the soothing stream of peace ……….


Rihanna and the Dress at 2015 MET Gala

They called it an omelette ,if it had been green it would have been called a plant or a giant leaf, purple… maybe an aubergine or brinjal and if she had worn it in red it would have looked like lava of mt.Vesuvius..well memes and the idleness aside…Personally I think it was very beautiful , the choice of the colour was great! ,it suited her{Rihanna’s} complexion,it was designed intricately… two years in the making of that dress had not gone in vain and the whole garb exuded an aura of royalty and regalness.


Rihanna at the 2015 MET gala

However what appealed  to me more  was her choice of designer , among the plethora of choices available (all the well-known designers and design houses like Marc Jacobs,Givenchy,Dior etc etc) since the theme being that of China ,she chose a Chinese designer Guo Pei  which is quite commendable! I am of the view that other celebs should follow suit and at international events as such where the theme is that of a city or country should opt for talented local designers of that area , giving them a boost to showcase their art on the world stage.


Chariots of Fire (1981)

What can powerful Faith & Belief in your Lord do for you ?

Where can sheer  tenacious Grit & Determination take you ?

  Why is it important for you to have a mentor in your endeavour for the “gold” that you want in your life?

What does it really mean to stick to your guns ?!

                                                               What is  focus, sacrifice,  obsession  & ambition all about ?

The Answers to all these Questions lie in this movie



 the movie is based on the true lives of two famous athletes Harold Abrahams & Eric Lidell . it is what  I call  a ” Motivation at first Watch” kind of movie   🙂  the theme song by Vangelis is hauntingly beautiful ! you get drowned in it…… it  was the official theme for 1984 & 2012 Olympics …..I am sure many of you may  have heard the music already !  🙂


Mr.Bean’s Holiday


Our Mr. Bean has won a raffle competition! and the prize is…. a holiday to the scenic and beautiful French Riviera !  knowing him as we do every step to his destination is filled with mayhem , confusion and riotous situations , so why not join him and Stepan & Sabine (a Russian boy and French debutant actress whom he befriends on the way ) on this adventure and treat yourself to some good entertainment as that is  what this film is all about ! Expect  some good tracks like the eternal favourite ‘La Mer’ by Charles Trenet and ‘Crash’ by Matt Willis and a fabulous performance by Rowan Atkinson as Mr.Bean ! 🙂

happy watching! 🙂

Singin in the Rain


I am singin in the rain

     just singin in the rain

          what a glorious feeling

                    I am happy again !!

The above lines are from the song Singin in the Rain from the timeless Hollywood musical by the same name which is charming enough to cheer up even the most grumpiest of folks around! It’s a musical which I would place  under the category of  “sunshine flick” why ? simply because it has an effect on you similar to sunshine – it drives  your blues away and lifts your spirits up ! 🙂

With a star-studded cast comprising  Gene Kelly , Debbie Reynolds and Donald ‘O Connor its a spoof on the difficulty faced by movie makers and actors in the transitionary phase of cinema from, silent films to the talkies also there are some spectacular dance moves and melodious songs like ‘good morning’ and  ‘beautiful girl’ (my favourite) 🙂

So I highly recommend you to watch this classic for old time’s sake you are sure to enjoy it ! 🙂

The choice is yours

summers have to be accepted as they are,

so must the winters and the monsoons ,

its up to you to focus on the summer breeze cool, or the

heat of the noon or clear pristine snow or the icy cold streets with the leafless trees

or the heavy downpour or the lush trees around. 

Summer Breeze continues

sb1 copythese are just few of the innumerable ways to enjoy the summer breeze that I have listed here sb3 copyyou can follow all of them , a combination of them or a part of them , they are simple and sometimes it is important to note that sometimes one can find contentment in such simplicity ….