Some time to ponder on….

“What is this life if full of care time 2 copy

            we have no time to

                          stand and stare”

On these profound lines by the poet William Davies I ask you how many days ,weeks ,months or probably years have passed since you have literally stopped and gazed into the the other side of life …the side which does not involve your work or the people around you ..that side which I consider is God’s greatest recreational gift to man that is – Nature in all her colourful splendour and glory ! how often have you paused to smell that lovely rose blooming or how long has it been since you last stood gazing at the vast sea closed your eyes and hear the waves talk to you as the breeze played with your hair or simply tell me about the green of that potted plant on your window sill ,how lush is it ,its hue and shade  and the list can go on & on…. but the point  I am driving here is to spend some time ,a few minutes meditating , focusing or just enjoying the magnificence of nature around you , feel its rhythm ,slowly ,gradually dwell on it observe and bask in her aura!..and  you may ask what’s in it for me ?

To that I have no answer ,it is up to you to find it out for yourself for many a great men have found something ,some have found peace,inner calm (quite priceless though!),joy, happiness,meaning to their lives,answers to their problems,some became poets,philosophers,writers etc etc …as for me ,well I feel refreshed just being near the sea it gives you a sense of tranquility and makes one forget the hassles of the day 🙂 so I don’t know what is in it for you but there is something …..that I am sure of !

                                                        So why don’t you just log off

                                                  & observe, feel or explore the nature

                                                                  around you Right



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