Singin in the Rain


I am singin in the rain

     just singin in the rain

          what a glorious feeling

                    I am happy again !!

The above lines are from the song Singin in the Rain from the timeless Hollywood musical by the same name which is charming enough to cheer up even the most grumpiest of folks around! It’s a musical which I would place  under the category of  “sunshine flick” why ? simply because it has an effect on you similar to sunshine – it drives  your blues away and lifts your spirits up ! 🙂

With a star-studded cast comprising  Gene Kelly , Debbie Reynolds and Donald ‘O Connor its a spoof on the difficulty faced by movie makers and actors in the transitionary phase of cinema from, silent films to the talkies also there are some spectacular dance moves and melodious songs like ‘good morning’ and  ‘beautiful girl’ (my favourite) 🙂

So I highly recommend you to watch this classic for old time’s sake you are sure to enjoy it ! 🙂


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