Chariots of Fire (1981)

What can powerful Faith & Belief in your Lord do for you ?

Where can sheer  tenacious Grit & Determination take you ?

  Why is it important for you to have a mentor in your endeavour for the “gold” that you want in your life?

What does it really mean to stick to your guns ?!

                                                               What is  focus, sacrifice,  obsession  & ambition all about ?

The Answers to all these Questions lie in this movie



 the movie is based on the true lives of two famous athletes Harold Abrahams & Eric Lidell . it is what  I call  a ” Motivation at first Watch” kind of movie   🙂  the theme song by Vangelis is hauntingly beautiful ! you get drowned in it…… it  was the official theme for 1984 & 2012 Olympics …..I am sure many of you may  have heard the music already !  🙂



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