Rihanna and the Dress at 2015 MET Gala

They called it an omelette ,if it had been green it would have been called a plant or a giant leaf, purple… maybe an aubergine or brinjal and if she had worn it in red it would have looked like lava of mt.Vesuvius..well memes and the idleness aside…Personally I think it was very beautiful , the choice of the colour was great! ,it suited her{Rihanna’s} complexion,it was designed intricately… two years in the making of that dress had not gone in vain and the whole garb exuded an aura of royalty and regalness.


Rihanna at the 2015 MET gala

However what appealed  to me more  was her choice of designer , among the plethora of choices available (all the well-known designers and design houses like Marc Jacobs,Givenchy,Dior etc etc) since the theme being that of China ,she chose a Chinese designer Guo Pei  which is quite commendable! I am of the view that other celebs should follow suit and at international events as such where the theme is that of a city or country should opt for talented local designers of that area , giving them a boost to showcase their art on the world stage.